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Twisted Yarn Is What


   The utility model relates to a quadruple twist spindle transmission device in the yarn twisting machine, belonging to the technical field of textile machinery and equipment. The main use of two pulleys were installed in the bearing seat, the bearing mounted on the bracket plate, in the pulley to install the twist plate, two isolation enclosures were installed in the two twist plate, the yarn bobbin placed In one of the enclosures, the disassembled plate is placed at the top of the bobbin, and the guidewire assembly is secured to the frame.Twisted Yarn

    The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, compact and reasonable manufacturing cost and easy installation. The yarn can be twisted and twisted by double twisting and twisting. The working efficiency is high and the production quality of the yarn can be improved. , Yarn tension is small, can successfully achieve twist twist process; wide range of applications, can be spinning spun yarn, wool yarn and other different varieties of yarn twist twist, but also replace the current commonly used chemical fiber filament twist, staple fiber Double twist, silk twist in the twist spindle.

    Twist yarn: twist refers to the two sections of the yarn to produce relative rotation, when the original yarn parallel to the yarn axis of the fiber tilted into a spiral. For staple fibers, twisting is primarily intended to increase the strength of the yarn. The twist of the filament can not only improve the strength of the yarn, but also produce three-dimensional effect.Twisted Yarn

    The number of yarn twist and the twist and twist of the yarn in the fabric with the appearance and performance of the product have a greater impact. So the price of twisting yarn is more expensive than the original yarn. Twist refers to the yarn twisted, the yarn in a single yarn or yarn in a single yarn showing the tilt direction. Points S twist and Z twist two, S twist = straight twist, Z twist = backhand twist. Any single shares will have twist to.

    High strength yarn: refers to the tensile strength can withstand more than 8 grams / Danny yarn, high strength yarn for high tensile requirements of the ribbon, such as climbing climbing with the ribbon, hoisting heavy objects with the ribbon. General tension yarn: less than 8 g / Danny yarn are general tension yarn.Twisted Yarn