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Twisted Yarn Cycle And Strength


Self-twisting is an important yarn quality index of the self-twisting spinning machine, which refers to the number of twists in the length of the twist yarn. The so-called period length refers to the length of the continuous area composed of the periodic structure, the S-twist zone, and the z-twist zone of the S-twist zone and the z-twist zone after the self-twisting of the fiber strip. The twist is the most important factor in determining the mechanical properties of the twist yarn. Self-twisting yarn with normal self-twisting has a stronger tensile performance than ring yarn. Therefore, choosing the appropriate self-twisting yarn is one of the most basic process designs in the production of self-twisting yarn. It is very important to master the twist factor of 13 twist.Twisted Yarn

After a large number of experiments have shown that the distribution of self-twisting is not only related to the number of yarns, the distance and tension of the yarn at the input and output of the twist roller, but also the self-twisting pressure, the spinning speed, the cycle length, Twist the reciprocating movement and so on.Twisted Yarn

In the half cycle of the self-twisting yarn, the change of the self-twisting yarn will directly affect the self-twisting pattern. Wang Xian in his paper on the Henshaw and Ellis proposed self-twist yarn twist formula questioned and deduced the production of practical twist twist formula. The spinning test has also confirmed that the actual test of the twist is only calculated by Henshaw and Ellis's formula of 43% of the twist. During the development of the self-twisting spinning machine to the $ 300 spinning system, the manufacturer has fixed a number of factors affecting the self-twisting factor, such as a length of 210 mm for the length of the front roll, to the self- The distance is fixed at 45 mm and the distance from the twist to the sink is fixed at 15 mm.Twisted Yarn

The factors that can be changed at present can be changed from the twist of the twisting machine: the spinning yarn density, the spinning speed, the self-twisting roll pressure, the difference between the two single yarns.Twisted Yarn