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Twisted Yarn


               Let's talk about the number of branches, which is what we often see 30, 40, 60, etc. For example, 30 also have friends called it 30S, it is the same, there is no difference! What exactly is the number of branches? That's what I understand: the count is the thickness of the yarn. For example, one or two cotton can be made into 30 1-meter yarn, which is 30, and one or two cotton can be made into 40 long 1-meter yarn, that is 40, 12 cotton can be made 60 long 1 meters of yarn, that is 60, in fact, the higher the number of yarn, the finer the yarn, with such a yarn weaving thinner, The cloth is relatively softer and more comfortable. But the number of high cloth requirements of raw materials (cotton) quality to be high, but also to the weaving mill and textile factory requirements are relatively high, so the cost of cloth is relatively high.Twisted Yarn

               Yarn (Note: Here refers to the number of numbers above): the smaller the number, the larger the number of fine, fine-fine: 16S, 30S, 40S, 60S. Clothing commonly used 60-80s, bedding with 30s-60s.Twisted Yarn

              The Yarn branch is the most basic unit of the finished cloth, the number of the yarn branch is inversely proportional to its thickness, the larger the number is, and the higher the quality of the raw material (cotton) is required. Bedding fabric of the yarn, according to its weight generally divided into 21, 30, 40, 60, in addition there are relatively rare 80. Market common bedding with 40 majority. The general twill 40 printing bed product 4 sets According to the style flower market price in between 300-500 yuan! Most of our company's bedding products are 40 twill and 40 pieces of plain!Twisted Yarn

              There is a special kind of cloth, is the different yarn branch weaves, for example, part of the satin fabric, its warp is 60, the latitude is 40, for this kind of cloth can be said to be 60 can also be said to be 40, if a piece of cloth is woven with the same thickness of cotton yarn, you can directly describe it 30, 40 branches.Twisted Yarn

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