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The Use Of Polyester Yarn


There are two difficulties in the dyeing of wool and the dyeing of wool by wool dyeing and high temperature dyeing. The cationic modified polyester is used as the polyester in the traditional polyester / polyester fabric. The cationic modified polyester wool fabric can be used. Of the dyeing process, that is, a bath and two bath method, and tested the color fastness after dyeing and wool damage, described the impact of the fabric color shade the main factors. The results show that the method of cationic modified polyester instead of polyester in traditional polyester fabric can solve the dyeing problem of traditional polyester and polyester fabric.Polyester Yarn

Polyester and wool fabrics at the same time both the excellent characteristics of polyester and wool, such as moisture absorption, good warmth, easy to stain, good mechanical strength, wear, not easy to mold, chemical stability and so on. However, polyester wool textile dyeing in the existence of two major problems: First, disperse dyes on the wool stains, and second, high temperature dyeing on the wool damage. Disperse dyes on the dyeing of wool caused by polyester wool wetting fastness and light fastness of the reduction, and make the color wilt, color difficult to increase the reproducibility of dyeing deterioration.Polyester Yarn

Because of the introduction of the third monomer on the polyester, it has a cationic dye on the dye position, while changing the fiber molecular amorphous area, the fiber structure becomes loose, molecular chain flexibility increases, can reduce the dyeing temperature. In the traditional polyester and polyester fabrics, cationic modified polyester instead of polyester, has certain advantages: cationic modified polyester dyeing temperature is low, can overcome the shortcomings of conventional polyester is not easy to dye, dyeing rate is high, the relative reduction of the dye on the wool Stained, easy to clean, wet treatment fastness, energy conservation, dyeing bright color.Polyester Yarn

Reasonable choice of dye is to ensure that the process can be implemented on the basis. Cationic modified polyesters can be cationic dyes or disperse type SD cationic dyes (such dyes are complexes of cationic dyes and anionic sealants that are insoluble in water and are dispersed in dye baths as novel cations Dyes). In addition to the ordinary X-type cationic dye dyeing performance, but also has good dispersion stability and leveling, and can reduce the risk of precipitation caused by anion and cation reaction; and the choice of reactive dyes with hair is to Improve the wool part of the fastness and color stability.Polyester Yarn