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Technical Process Of Polyester Yarn


The wet fracture strength of the copper-ammonia fiber yarn is low, in order to make up the defect, we blended the copper ammonia staple fiber with the fine denier polyester to achieve the effect of complementarity. Our company according to customer needs, development and production of copper ammonia staple fiber/fine denier polyester 70/3014.8tex blended yarn. The fabric made with this yarn is good in performance, hygroscopicity and has a silky feel.Polyester Yarn

The properties of copper-ammonia staple fiber are close to that of silk. The copper ammonia fiber cut-off section is approximate round, the intensity is high, the color is white, the luster is soft and pleasing, soft touch, porous surface, no cortex, so there is superior dyeing, moisture absorption properties, the volume of the quality of viscose, silk, polyester and other large, so it has a sense of drape; the moisture regain rate is higher, and the only time with wool and viscose, and silk equal, and high with cotton and other chemical fiber, so the moisture absorption efficiency is high, make people wear more comfortable feeling.Polyester Yarn

Copper ammonia fiber is a regenerated cellulose in the dissolution of the plant to add a quantitative solution of copper hydroxide, then put into the shredded slurry, stir-thaw, and then diluted with soft water, filtration, stripping after the formation of water law, into the sulfuric acid bath formed. Its waste is easy to decompose, in line with ecological and environmental requirements.Polyester Yarn

According to the characteristics of good uniformity of copper ammonia fiber, less impurities and so on, we adopted the principle of "less grasping, Dosson, early fall". Reduce the spacing between the dust rods and increase the spacing between the thugs and the dust rods. Due to the high resistivity of copper ammonia fiber produced by electrostatic viscosity, resulting in a decline in the positive volume rate, we mainly take the following measures: Change the type of thugs, the rational allocation of the speed of the hatchet.Polyester Yarn 

The same type of roving anti-sticking device is added. In order to solve the problem of sticky volume, we use the poor quality copper ammonia fiber rolls directly into the carding strips, and then spun the sliver into roving, the roving to isolate the copper-ammonia fiber coil. After clamping the roving, the phenomenon of sticky rolls improved obviously.Polyester Yarn