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Special Fibre Anti - Counterfeiting Technology


At present, the fluorescent fiber as a most basic security materials, almost all countries in the world of paper money, passports, stamps, securities and various types of security paper widely used and recognized, the current domestic cigarette pack industry also used the Anti-counterfeiting technology, a wide range of applications, and decades have not changed. Special FibreFluorescence anti-counterfeiting fiber, also known as safety fiber, it is based on the emission wavelength of different sub-long wavelength, short wavelength and other varieties. Fluorescence anti-counterfeiting fiber At home and abroad research is relatively small, only a few countries open a similar patent or other literature. The development of dual-wavelength fluorescent anti-counterfeiting fiber is still almost blank. This fiber has two kinds of fluorescence spectrum, in different wavelengths of special light irradiation under different colors, play a security role, is the ordinary anti-counterfeiting fiber upgrading products. Is expected in the next few years, demand for anti-counterfeit fiber will show growth.Special Fibre This new type of fiber has two characteristics. First, the fiber thickness of only tens of nanometers, but according to need, through the laser engraved in the above text and patterns, can be widely used in well-known brand security. Second, the color of the fiber itself will change, so almost no risk of fading. In this polyester fiber by adding a special hair coloring agent, as long as the use of a laser, the color agent will change, the color of the fiber will also change. At present, it has been tested to turn into white and brown fibers.Special Fibre

When the temperature is less than 100 ℃, the fluorescent fiber has good heat resistance; when the temperature is higher than 100 ℃, the fluorescence intensity of the fiber decreases drastically. The reason for this phenomenon is that the rare earth elements in the organic rare earth complex fluorescent compounds and the organic ligands are bound in the form of coordination bonds, and when the temperature is below 100 ° C, the heat is not sufficient to destroy the coordination bonds and the rare earth The separation of the element from the ligand does not affect the fluorescence enhancement of the ligand to the rare earth element. Therefore, the treatment of the fluorescent fiber at this temperature does not have a large effect on the fluorescence intensity. However, when the temperature exceeds 100 ℃, the coordination bond of the fluorescent compound is destroyed, which reduces the fluorescence enhancement effect of the organic ligand on the rare earth element, so the fluorescence intensity decreases obviously.Special Fibre