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Special Fibre And Fabric


                With special physical and chemical structure, performance and use, or with special functions of chemical fiber. Special fibers have different special properties, such as strong corrosion resistance, low wear, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, fire resistance, high voltage, high strength modulus, high elasticity, reverse osmosis, high efficiency filtration, adsorption, ion exchange, light conduction, conductive and various medical functions. Most of these fibres are used in industry, defense, health care, environmental protection and cutting-edge science.

                Fu Qiang Fiber: Commonly known as Tiger Kapok, strong man-made cotton. It is a denatured viscose fiber. Advantages: (1) The strength of large (2) shrinkage rate is small, rich and powerful fiber shrinkage rate of 1 time times smaller than viscose. (3) Good elasticity (4) alkali resistance.Special Fibre

               Carbon fiber is a micro-spar ink material obtained by carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. The microstructure of carbon fiber is similar to that of artificial graphite. Not only has the inherent intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also the softness and machinability of textile fibers, is a new generation of reinforced fiber. In organic solvents, acid, alkali insoluble, corrosion resistance outstanding.Special Fibre

              Polylactic acid fiber is the agricultural product of corn as raw material, through microbial fermentation of corn sugar into lactic acid, and then by chemical method to synthesize lactide, poly polymer materials, and finally by spinning into fiber. Polylactic acid fiber does not pollute the environment, is a completely natural cycle of biodegradable environmentally-friendly fiber.

               1, high specific strength, high modulus. The strength is more than 10 times the equivalent section of steel wire, and the modulus is second only to super carbon fiber. 2, fiber density is low, density is 0.97g/cm 3, can float in the water. 3, the fracture elongation is low, the fracture work is big, has the very strong absorption energy ability, thus has the prominent impact resistance and the cutting resistance. 4, Anti-ultraviolet radiation, neutron and gamma rays, higher than energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high transmission rate of electromagnetic wave. 5, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, have a longer flex life. Physical properties: Density: 0.97~0.98g/cm3. Lower than the density of water, can float on water. Strength: 2.8~4n/tex. Modulus: 91~140n/tex. Elongation: 3.5%~3.7%. The impact absorption energy is nearly 1 time times higher than that of the position aromatic amide fiber, the abrasion resistance is good, the friction coefficient is small, but the melting point of the stress is only 145~160℃.Special Fibre