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Special Fibers Are Sorted By Function


    Has a special physical and chemical structure, performance and use, or have a special function of chemical fiber. Special fibers have different special properties, such as strong corrosion resistance, low wear, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, fire resistance, high voltage, high strength and high modulus, high elasticity, reverse osmosis, high efficiency filtration, adsorption, ion exchange, Light guide, conductive and a variety of medical functions. Most of these fibers are used in all aspects of industry, defense, medical, environmental protection and cutting-edge science.

Special fibers can be classified into corrosion-resistant fibers, high temperature resistant fibers, flame resistant fibers, high strength and high modulus fibers, functional fibers and elastomer fibers.Special Fibre

① Corrosion-resistant fiber: Fluorine-containing fiber. Teflon TFE, Teflon FEP, Kynar, and Halar Copolymer.

② high temperature resistant fibers: polyisophthalamide (No-mex), polyimide fiber (Αримид ΠΜ), polyphenylene sulfone amide fiber (СульФон-Τ), polyamide imide Fiber (Kermel), polybenzimidazole fiber (PBI), and the like.

③ fire-resistant fiber: a phenolic fiber (Kynol), aromatic polyamide surface chemical treatment of fiber, metal chelate fiber, polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidized fiber (Pyromex) and so on.Special Fibre

High strength and high modulus fibers are: poly (phthaladienyl) diacetamide fiber (Kevlar), aromatic polyamide copolymer fiber (HM-50), heterocyclic polyamide fiber (Βниивлон СΒΜ), carbon fiber (Torayca) , Graphite fibers (M40), silicon carbide fibers, and the like.Special Fibre

⑤ functional fibers: hollow fiber semipermeable membrane (B-9, B-10, PRISM, etc.), activated carbon fiber (KF, etc.), ultrafine fiber mat (ФΠ / 15, etc.), oil fiber felt (Tafnel, etc.) Optical fibers (Crofon, Eska, etc.), conductive fibers (Antron III), and the like.Special Fibre

⑥ elastomer fibers: Polyester type and polyether type polyurethane fiber (Spandex), polyacrylate fiber (Anidex), polybutylene terephthalate fiber (Fibre-L) and so on.

    Most of the special fibers are made by wet spinning. Some special fiber preparation process is more difficult, such as the use of traditional spinning technology spinning linear or low molecular weight fibers, and then were cyclization, crosslinking, metal chelation, high temperature heat treatment, surface physical chemical treatment or plasma It is necessary to use emulsion spinning, reactive spinning, liquid crystal spinning, dry spray wet spinning, phase separation spinning, high voltage electrospinning, high speed airflow melt spraying and special Composite spinning technology and other new spinning process; and some use of existing synthetic fiber, through the functional group reaction to obtain a variety of ion exchange groups or into special fibers.Special Fibre