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Special Fiber Alumina Fiber


               Alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber), compared with carbon fiber, sic fiber and other non-oxide fiber, alumina fiber has not only high strength, high modulus, high-temperature resistance and other excellent properties, but also has good high-temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. Alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber) can be combined with resin, metal or ceramics to prepare high-performance composite materials, widely used in aviation, aerospace, military and High-tech fields.

               Alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber) production process is relatively simple, the production equipment and production requirements are not high, compared with carbon fiber, alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber) is much lower cost, which makes the application of alumina fiber is possible. At present, many companies have produced various types of high-performance alumina fiber.Special Fibre

               Alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber) is mainly used for high-temperature insulation materials (short fiber) and reinforced composite refractory (long fiber), can be woven into non-woven fabrics, braided belts, ropes and other shapes of fiber products.Special Fibre

               The energy-saving effect of the industrial high temperature furnace is remarkable: the short fiber of alumina has outstanding high-temperature resistance, mainly used as insulation refractory material, and is used in metallurgical furnace, ceramic sintering furnace or other high-temperature furnace to protect the insulation of the body lining. Because of its small density. Good thermal insulation, small heat capacity, not only can reduce the quality of the furnace, but also can improve temperature control accuracy, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Alumina fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber) in high-temperature furnace use of energy-saving effect than the general refractory or high-temperature coatings, energy-saving capacity far greater than the loss of heat, the reason is not only to reduce the loss of heat dissipation, but also to strengthen the furnace gas to the furnace wall convection heat, so that the furnace wall can be more broken heat, and then passed the national emblem to the material, thereby improving the heating speed and production capacity of the material.Special Fibre