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Polyester Yarn Little Knowledge


1. To see the latitude and longitude: knitted polyester fabric woven fabric and weft knitted fabric two categories. Although both are handled by heat setting or resin, but its extension and other functions are still different. Therefore, the divergent fancy clothing to buy different functions of the fabric coat should be optional weft knitted fabric is appropriate, because the weft knitted fabric often have a variety of yarn weaving or a variety of recipe weave textured, many colors, especially Suitable for different styles of wonderful women's shirt; underwear, such as pants, skirts should use warp knitted fabric. Because the warp knitted polyester fabric pants look very crisp, close structure, good wear resistance, fluff, pilling and hook wire less, coupled with the appearance of warp knitted fabric fullness, flexibility and appearance are better than weft knitted fabric , So knitted polyester warp knitted fabric suitable for pants and skirts and so on. The following are the same as the "Polyester Yarn

2. Look at the grade: knitted polyester fabric according to its quality quilt is divided into first-class goods, second-class goods, third-class goods and other goods. From the fabric of the angle, the purchase of first-class knitted polyester fabric quality is naturally better than other grades of products. The following are the same as the "

3. Look at the appearance: fabric appearance and fabric organization closely related. So, in the selection of knitwear, but also a closer look at whether the organization is a fundamental organization or change organization, the gap between the coil, is loose or close, feel soft or rough; fabric luster, color, Hands to pull the fabric when looking at the vertical or horizontal elasticity and extension of how, whether it is easy to change, etc., in short, to see whether the fabric is suitable for clothing fancy foundation requirements, to achieve the fabric appearance and clothing fancy consistent coordination Board. The following are the same as the "Polyester Yarn

4. to see defects: knitted polyester fabric appearance more defects, serious defects will affect the use of the Board. Such as missing needle hole, missing silk, hook wire, broken head, silk tight and serious weft and so on. Lighter defects, such as oil silk, thick filaments, tricks, network marketing knot knots, color flowers, color, curling, bad edge, reflective and so on. There are slight defects in the cloth can wear, but the impact of the fabric level, in short, in the purchase of knitted polyester fabric, the fabric on the fewer defects, in addition to other goods, can not show the impact of wearing serious defects. The following are the same as the "Polyester Yarn

    In addition, if the consumer to buy knitted polyester coat, but also to see the quality of its sewing. Whether the needle is robust, stitching whether the needle is too large, etc., in general, sewing knitted polyester coat should be used 11 needle is better, the needle is too thick, easy to crush the coil and the needle hole, affecting the knitted polyester coat quality.Polyester Yarn