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Polyester Yarn Introduce


Know the polyester yarn

1, polyester yarn linear density (ie, fineness) line density is the index of the thickness of the filament. The filament consists of a number of monofilaments, so the filament's linear density contains two layers of meaning. One is the wire density of the multifilament, and the other is the linear density of the monofilament. 100D / 36F, 150D / 36F, etc., these are polyester yarn specifications of the representation. The data on the left side of the slash indicates the fineness of the polyester yarn, i.e., the line density of the multifilament yarn.

Polyester Yarn D is the fineness of polyester yarn unit "den", that is, in the standard state, to 9,000 meters long polyester yarn grams expressed, such as 100 grams of weight is 100 denier (100D); diagonal data on the right side of the spinning The number of filaments used for the spinneret also indicates that the wire of the specification has a number of filaments, for example 36F, meaning that the spinneret used for spinning has 36 holes, i.e., the polyester yarn has 36 monofilaments.

Polyester Yarn The linear density of the monofilament is the left side divided by the right side. For example: 50D / 18F iron: 50 holes for 18 holes, iron tube package. 75D / 36F paper: 75 holes for 36 holes, paper tube package. 150D / 36F Cation: 150 denier 36 holes, improved by cationic dyeing performance. Now another indicator of linear density is the use of dtex (dtex). 10000 m long polyester yarn weight grams called the number of points. Also useful to express the number. 1 special = 10 dtex. Dtex = 1.1 D If the weight of the 10,000 m filament is 1.67 g, the fineness of the filament is 1.67 dtex. Polyester yarn dtex (dtex) = (10000 * polyester yarn weight grams) / polyester yarn length (m)

2, Polyester Yarn large light, semi-dull, full extinction In order to eliminate the polyester luster, the use of titanium dioxide in the melt (TiO2) to reduce the polyester luster. If you do not add TiO2 in the melt with a bright filament (or a large ray), add 0.3% of the semi-dull yarn, more than 0.3% for the full extinction yarn. FDY (Fully Draw Yarm) If the stretching effect is introduced during the spinning process, the winding wire with high degree of orientation and medium crystallinity can be obtained as the whole drawing yarn, referred to as FDY.

Polyester Yarn In addition to the general performance of polyester filament yarn, the wire is added to the network, resulting in periodic local entanglement points, increased cohesion, increased bunch, weaving is not easy to produce hair, broken head; uniform Good, low shrinkage, high heat resistance and thermal stability, low heat shrinkage, poor hygroscopicity, poor electrical conductivity, and good physical properties.

Polyester Yarn Can be directly used for weaving, mainly for clothing, textile industry. POY (Pre-Oriented Yarn) high-speed spinning spinning speed of 3000 ~ 6000m / min, spinning speed of 4000m / min below the winding wire with a high degree of orientation, pre-oriented wire, referred to as POY. Product prefabrication degree is high, the nature is stable, the mechanical performance is good, the homogeneity is high, has the good processing performance. (DTY), air deformation yarn and other different performance products, made of all kinds of wool, imitation Ma, imitation silk products can be made by drawing, bombing, air deformation and other processes, were made of drawn wire, , Suitable for weaving, knitting industry.

Polyester Yarn DTY (Draw Tex-tured Yarn) false twist textured wire called DTY, also known as elastic yarn. DTY network wire: the network wire refers to the wire in the network nozzle, the role of jet air, monofilament tangled with each other around the cycle of dotted filament. Network processing and more for POY, FDY and DTY processing, network technology and DTY technology combined with the manufacture of low-elastic network of silk, both the loose silk fluffy and good flexibility, there are many cyclical and network points, Of the tightness, eliminating the need for a number of textile processing processes, and can improve the ability of tow towets through the water jet looms.

DT (Draw Twist) called stretch twist silk, but also flat pull. To POY as the original silk by drawing twister, stretching and give a small amount of twist, you can get DT.

Polyester Yarn The kind of polyester yarn sub-network (30 network point above), low network (10 ~ 29 network point) two. High mesh is mainly used for warp, the advantage is that after the warping can be free from the sizing or less sizing; low mesh is mainly used in shuttle looms, fabric varieties for the taffeta, five satin, crown canopy and decorative cloth and other networks Silk: pumping a wire out, observe: every few millimeters there is a cluster between the point, the twisted wire twisted together, forced to shake the ends of a few shaking, silk re-loose.