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Polyester Yarn Fiber Type


     The plant fiber is a fiber obtained from the seeds, fruits, stems, leaves and the like of the plant, and is a natural cellulose fiber. Fibers derived from plant bursa such as flax, jute, apricot and the like; fibers derived from plant leaves such as sisal, abaca and the like. The main chemical composition of plant fiber is cellulose, it is also known as cellulose fiber. Plant fibers include: seed fiber, bast fibers, leaf fibers, fruit fibers. Seed fiber: refers to some plant seeds epidermal cells grow into single cell fibers. Such as cotton, kapok. Bone fiber: is derived from some phloem of the plant single fiber or process fiber. Such as: linen, ramie, jute, bamboo fiber. Leaf fiber: It is a process fiber obtained from leaves or leaf sheaths of some plants. Such as: sisal, abaca. Fruit fiber: fiber obtained from the fruits of some plants. Such as: coconut fiber.Polyester Yarn

    An animal fiber is a fiber obtained from an animal's hair or insect glandular secretions. The hair from the animal hair has wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, goat hair, yak cashmere, etc .; from the animal gland secretions get fiber and so on. The main chemical composition of animal fiber is protein, it is also known as protein fiber. Animal fibers (natural protein fibers) include: hair fibers and glandular fibers. Hair fiber: animal hair follicle growth with multi-cell structure composed of keratin fiber. Such as: sheep wool, cashmere, camel hair, rabbit hair, mohair. Any of the fibers that are secreted by some insect silk glands, especially those secreted by Lepidoptera larvae, in addition to fibers formed by the secretion of some mollusks. Such as: silk. Mineral fiber: fiber from the fibrous structure of the mineral fiber, the main composition of various oxides, such as silica, alumina, magnesium oxide, the main source for all types of asbestos, such as chrysotile, green Asbestos and so on.Polyester Yarn

   Chemical fiber is made by chemical processing and processing of fiber. Can be divided into man-made fibers (regenerated fiber), synthetic fibers and inorganic fibers. Man-made fibers are also called regenerated fibers. Artificial fiber is made of natural fiber or protein fiber, such as wood, sugar cane, reed, soybean protein fiber and other fiber materials that lose the value of textile processing, after chemical processing made of textile fibers. Mainly used for textile man-made fibers are: viscose fiber, acetate fiber, copper ammonia fiber. The regenerated fiber refers to fibers made of purely high-purity slurry, such as regenerated cellulose fibers, regenerated protein fibers, regenerated starch fibers, and regenerated synthetic fibers. Synthetic fiber chemical composition and natural fiber is completely different from some of their own does not contain cellulose or protein substances such as oil, coal, natural gas, limestone or agricultural and sideline products, the first synthesis unit, and then chemical synthesis and mechanical processing method Fiber. Such as polyester fiber (polyester), polyamide fiber (nylon or nylon), polyvinyl alcohol fiber (vinylon), polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic), polypropylene fiber (polypropylene), polyvinyl chloride (polyvinyl chloride) and so on.Polyester Yarn