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Polyester Yarn


               As an important dyeing method of the cheese yarn dyeing, has been the vast number of yarn dyeing and finishing plant used. The dyeing technology has been relatively mature, however, the dyeing process of polyester bobbin yarn is complex, the influence factors are more difficult to control, and a little negligence can easily cause color flowers. So that the repair color, dyeing, dyeing, and dyeing problems become very prominent, it brings not only the cost of expensive, but also time-consuming, affecting the dyeing of a success rate and instant production. Lead to high cost, product cycle extension, in order to improve one success rate and reduce product cost, shorten the product delivery cycle, we must control all factors in polyester dyeing process.Polyester Yarn

                Loose tube preferred stainless steel spring tube, the advantages of the wall are large, conducive to the diffusion and infiltration of dye, but because the spring stainless steel tube expansion is too large, loose yarn in forming and density is difficult to control evenly, tightness is difficult to ensure, easy to cause the pressure in the process of dyeing blend leakage pressure and dye flowers. Therefore, the use of plastic cylindrical tube, conducive to the formation of loose yarn control and ensure the uniformity of density, to ensure that the dyeing good sealing.Polyester Yarn

                After the experiment, we take the first loose yarn to overturn, and then into the cylinder to dye the program, after a uniform dyeing phenomenon has been completely eliminated, to achieve the full leveling effect. The amount of the patch is used according to the degree of the yarn, generally in 2~3g/l. (If the color is too deep, the need to reduce the amount of light can be appropriately increased). The data confirm our plan is feasible, received the ideal effect, improve the production quality of polyester yarn, reduce the number of polyester yarn repairing cylinder, improve the dyeing of a OK rate, but also improve the dyeing yield, for the production quality of polyester yarn provides a strong guarantee.Polyester Yarn