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Polyester Yarn


              Polyester yarn refers to the production of cotton yarn used in polyester, polyester is a kind of polymer spinning made of fiber, at present, more than two phthalate as raw materials for the production of fiber, referred to as "pet" fiber. In China is commonly known as polyester. The so-called "yarn", in fact, refers to "yarn" and "line" of the general term, in the study of clothing materials defined as follows: Yarn "is a large number of short fibers or filaments arranged in an approximate parallel state, and along the axis of rotation twisting, composed of a certain strength and linear density of the slender objects, and" line "is composed of two or more than two strands of single yarn twisted together into the strand. Yarn is cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, etc. will be elongated and twisted fiber into fine strands (usually used as raw materials for weaving), and then with cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fine wisp of thin strands of material, called the line.Polyester Yarn

             Fiber has two main characteristics: one is fine to people can not be directly observed with the naked eye, the diameter is generally between a few microns to dozens of microns or more thin; the second is that its length-diameter ratio is in a few Baisi to tens of thousands of or even theoretically infinite, it is related to the type of fiber, which makes the fibers exhibit long properties in mechanics, such as the small-area deformation when bending and twisting, and the overall tensile deformation even within the elastic range. Therefore, the fiber is a thin and long, that is, the diameter of the thin to the naked eye can not be directly observed, and its length and diameter of the ratio of more than dozens of times times.Polyester Yarn

             Cotton spinning into yarn, generally through the clearing flowers, carding, and the article, roving, spinning and other major processes. Yarn and line for high-end products also need to increase the combing process. Production of different requirements of cotton yarn, to take different processing procedures, such as spinning pure cotton yarn and polyester-cotton blended yarn, because of the different raw materials used, a variety of raw materials have different physical properties, as well as product quality requirements, in the processing of different production process. (with the modernization of equipment, the process also has varying degrees of adjustment, the current equipment can be some of these processes merged together, so that the actual observation of some of the original necessary work)Polyester Yarn