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Pilling Finishing Of Twisted Yarn


     Anti-pilling and pilling finishing of low twist loose knitted fabric by cellulase, the content of reducing sugar, the top breaking strength and the pilling grade of the residue were tested, and the influence of the enzyme dosage on the pilling grade of the fabric was analyzed by means of statistical method, and the relationship between the content of reducing sugar, the breaking strength and the pilling grade of the residual liquid were studied.Twisted Yarn

    The results showed that the amount of enzyme was increased from 0.5% to 1%, and the pilling grade of the fabric was improved, while the enzyme dosage was 1.0%~5.0% change, although the strength decreased obviously, but the pilling grade of the fabric was not increased obviously. Enzymatic treatment of residual liquid reduced sugar concentration and fabric strength has a good correlation, but the fabric pilling performance and strength is not completely correlated.Twisted Yarn

     Because of its low twist characteristics, the fabric woven by this kind of yarn is prone to pilling, which reduces the beauty of the garment. For pure cotton fabric, generally is "easy to raise, not easy to pilling", especially after cellulase treatment, the fabric of the pilling level can be improved from 3 to 5 levels. However, there are few attempts to deal with the enzymes of low twist cotton fabric. Twisted Yarn

     There is no systematic study on the change of the pilling grade of the low twist knitted fabric after enzymatic treatment. In addition, the content of reducing sugar in residual liquid can be treated with enzymes to characterize the degree of fiber damage, but the relationship between top breaking strength and reducing sugar concentration of low twist knitted fabric is not clear.Twisted Yarn

    With low twist and loose knitted fabric as the research object, commercial cellulase was used to experiment, and the results of fabric pilling grade after enzymatic polishing treatment were analyzed objectively by statistical method. According to the quality of each piece of fabric, the amount of enzymes and the number of ML of the treatment solution are calculated. The fabric and the corresponding amount of buffer are placed in the rapid dyeing machine, preheating to 50 ℃, adding enzyme treatment solution, processing 0.5h or 1h, after processing 800C enzyme inactivation treatment 10min.Twisted Yarn