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Non-Twisted Yarn


              As we all know, towel, knitted underwear and other products on the "soft" pursuit is always a major theme, in order to achieve "soft", one of the requirements of the yarn is to use as small as possible twist, but the ordinary yarn too small twist will cause spinning difficulties and weaving of the broken, so that the previous realization of "soft" only balance spinning and weaving. Select the tradeoff value for the twist of the yarn. The advent of the twist-free yarn for the towel, knitting and other industries to provide a "soft" another brand-new solution, no twist yarn of its products outstanding features are super "soft" and absorbent.Twisted Yarn

             Twist-free yarn of the shortcomings: the use of super soft and thick towel, but in the process, no matter how many high-grade without twist, there will be some hair loss, which is the process of the difficult to eliminate the shortcomings. But we can use the warm water once before using, can remove most of the float hair, can improve the hair phenomenon very well.

              The principle of the yarn-free twist: The soluble PVA filament or mulberry silk wrapped in the surface of the twisted cotton bundle, in the weaving towel has a good wear resistance and bear a certain tension, and then after weaving the finished product will be PVA or mulberry silk dissolved in the water, so that the hair ring is not twisted fluffy state in the fabric.

              The use of twist-free yarn: The company patented products without twist yarn. Can do home textile products (pajamas, bed blanket, towel quilt, towel, bath towel, bathing cap, high-grade uniforms, baby suits, pillowcases, etc.) performance in soft, swelling, sweat-absorbent, wearing cotton, warm, light, transparent, thin features.Twisted Yarn

              According to the needs of users and the use of products, our company can provide the following specifications of the yarn-free products, and can be designed for users of special specifications of the product (PU comb, semi-combed, combed series of Non-woven yarn) as follows: 1, pure cotton yarn-free 6s--60s 2, Cotton 6s--60s 3, $number Modla no twist yarn 6s--60s 4, modla/Cotton (50/50) twist-free yarn 6s--60s 5, Soybean fiber twist-free yarn 6s--60s 6, Bamboo Fiber No twist yarn 6s--60s 7, color cotton yarn-free 6s--60s.Twisted Yarn