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Making Technology Of Twisted Yarn


Woven yarns are divided by warp and weft. Warp in preparation and weaving process to undergo repeated tension and friction, requiring high strength, good elasticity and less hairiness, but the mechanical friction more opportunities, can remove some impurities.Twisted Yarn 

Especially in weft fabric, the warp Ube back, at this time, the knot of yarn requirements is not high, may choose the length longer, the intensity is higher, the uniformity and the elasticity is good, but the blemish, the color and the rolling mill general raw cotton; If used for the slant card and the straight tribute warp fabric, the warp more floats on the cloth, at this time, should choose the color good, the blemish less cotton.Twisted Yarn

The weft passes through the process simple, the direct weft, without the preparation procedure, withstand less tension, in addition to the chance of miscellaneous, in the weft fabric, weft and more floating on the cloth, so the appearance of the requirements of a good yarn, and the strength of the lower requirements, can choose less defects, good color, but the length, fineness and moderate strength of raw cotton.Twisted Yarn

Most of woven cotton fabrics need to be dyed, bleached or printed dyeing and finishing process, different dyeing and finishing process of its fabric with different requirements. Light cloth requires less cotton knot, dark cloth requires less white. Because the cotton knot is twisted by fiber, structure than yarn loose, easy to color, dyed after dark ideas, the appearance of light-colored cloth, so should avoid the use of low cotton or late cotton.Twisted Yarn

White is formed by dead fibers, although it is not easy to see in the fabric, but the color is poor, dyed white ideas, the appearance of the dark cloth, especially the processing of yarn poplin, khaki, Bakong and other dark grey fabric with yarn, cotton should avoid mixing with immature fiber and stiff cotton. Bleached white cloth after bleaching can remove most impurities and a small number of neps, cotton can be used when the use of low grade raw cotton. Most of the fabric defects can be covered by color, not easy to detect, optional grades of raw cotton or mixed with some of the lower-grade cotton and back flowers.Twisted Yarn