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Introduction Of Polyester Yarn Production Process


                The soybean fiber belongs to the regenerated protein fiber, which uses the new technology to extract the protein from defatted soybean meal, and by adding the functional additive, changing the protein spatial structure, it is made by the wet spinning. It is a ' green ' biodegradable fiber, with good hygroscopicity and breathability, with its made fabric feel soft and comfortable to wear. is the production of high-grade underwear, clothing ideal raw materials.Polyester Yarn

                Polyester Yarn Developed soybean protein fiber/polyester 65/35 13tex blended yarn. This article will combine the production practice, to discuss its craft characteristic. 1 spinning process and main process parameters 1.1 raw material selection and performance characteristics. Polyester: Selected South Korea 1.5dtex, 38mm polyester staple fiber. Soy Protein Fiber: The specification is 1.27dtex, 38mm, color is beige, the physical properties of the two fibers are shown in table 1. The characteristics of soybean fiber are: smooth surface, fluffy, single filament fineness, light weight, strong and elongation, acid and alkali resistance, rich elasticity and luster, moisture absorption and good moisture conductivity. The wet fracture strength is equivalent to about 85% of the dry fracture strength, the initial modulus is larger, and has higher hook strength and nodule strength, higher fiber strength and good extensibility. When the soybean protein fiber and polyester blended, the blended yarn strength increased, appearance, luster and dyeing performance than polyester-cotton blended yarn is better. Table 1 Main physical indices of soybean protein fiber and pet fiber item polyester staple fiber soy protein Fibre fineness (Tex) 1.5 1.27 dry fracture strength (Cn/dtex) 5.0 4.2 Wet Break strength (Cn/dtex) 4.9 3.9 dry Break elongation (%) 44 16 wet break elongation (%) 44 17 mass Resistance (LGΩG/CM2) 9.3 9.5 1.2 main process Polyester: Qing hua a002d→a006b→a036c (comb needle) →→ FA302 (three lanes) → Roving a454g→ spinning fa502a→ winding Village No. 7-ⅱ→ into a bag.Polyester YarnPolyester Yarn