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Excellent Elasticity Of Special Fibre


     As a high-grade natural protein fiber, wool has excellent elasticity, full feel and warm performance. Some wool blended fabric after the complex dyeing process, can be satisfied with the dyeing effect, but long time, water and energy consumption, dye and auxiliary dosage, production efficiency is low, high production costs. Some wool blended fabrics are still difficult to obtain satisfactory results even after the complicated dyeing process. Therefore, it is very important to study and develop new dyes and dyeing methods for wool blended fabrics.Special Fibre

    The wool surface has a compact scale, the dye is more difficult to diffuse through, so the dyeing generally in nearly 100 ℃ temperature. Acidic dye is a kind of anion dye which can be directly dyed on protein fiber, and its chemical structure mostly belongs to Azo and Anthraquinone, and some other structural categories. Acid dye chromatography complete, many varieties. According to the strong acidity of wool, acidic dyes are classified into three kinds, which are strongly acidic, weak acidity and neutral dyeing bath.Special Fibre

   The dye with strong acidic dye bath has a small amount of molecular weight, good water solubility, uniform dyeing property and poor washing fastness, which is called uniform dye acid dye. The dye is added with a sulfuric acid ph of 2.5~4 in the bath, from 60 ℃ began to gradually warm up to boiling, continued to dye about 1 hours. Sodium sulfate or salt can be added to the dye bath to improve leveling. Special Fibre

   The dye molecular weight of weak acidic dye bath was larger, the water solubility was low, the washing fastness was good, and the dyeing property was poor. Staining was carried out in a dye bath with the ph of acetic acid as the $number. The acid dyes with neutral dye bath have higher molecular weight, good washing fastness, poor uniformity and dyeing in the ph6~8 dyeing bath.Special Fibre