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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Of Dope Dyed Special Yarn


    The textile industry to continue to maintain a smooth situation, still need to effectively all kinds of risk contradictions, to accelerate the promotion of their own transformation and upgrading is still the fundamental development task. The current industry needs to focus on the main issues of the following six aspects: 1, domestic cotton market and the form of cotton is still complex: 2014 domestic and foreign cotton price difference is still large, and domestic cotton form grim, the overall market form more complex. Cotton and downstream products prices continue to be in the downward range, but also increased operational risk, more testing of textile enterprises in the market response and internal management capacity, so the cotton problem for the smooth operation of the textile industry is still not negligible. 2, chemical fiber capacity structure adjustment task arduous: Since last year, domestic PTA and polyester, polyester and other chemical fiber raw materials and products prices continue downward trend, enterprise loss pressure increased, chemical fiber industry production capacity stage surplus, this brings a very serious problem, how to the downstream industry effective and normal conductive raw material price fluctuation impact still need to strengthen attention and research. It is an urgent and long-term task to further improve the function and differentiation of fiber.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn
    Energy-saving environmental protection constraints increase: Textile industry is facing more and more developed countries and regions of the pressure of emission standards, from the community, especially domestic and foreign environmental organizations of the pressure of public opinion, as well as the increasingly stringent industry access, land, financing limit pressure. Textile printing and dyeing industry air pollutant emission standards issued further increased the industry's environmental task pressure. The adjustment of industrial layout faces new situation and new problems: first, the pace of the transfer of textile industry in the central region continues to slow down, and further policy measures need to be put forward. Second, the industry to strengthen the development of cross-border layout requirements remain urgent, in addition to improving the research on the deep adjustment of foreign investment environment, the regional FTA agreement of developed countries is becoming more and more important to the global industrial distribution, and the pressure of the development of small and medium-sized Enterprises is outstanding: it is restricted by the strength of capital, technology, talent and management. The ability of small and medium-sized micro enterprises to promote development is obviously insufficient, and the adjustment is more serious and the survival dilemma is becoming more and more obvious.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn
    Market change makes it more urgent to accelerate change and innovation: the international market has long been in the slow recovery period after the financial crisis, the domestic market and macroeconomic synchronization into the growth slowdown, but at the same time, we should see the domestic and foreign markets in the consumer market, consumer demand, consumption patterns change more and more quickly, the adaptability of textile enterprises put forward new requirements. Correctly grasp and around the domestic and foreign market demand, solid research and development design, product and management of the basic work, promote science and technology, brand, marketing, management and other innovative tasks are very urgent.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn