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Dyeing Firmness Of Dope Dyed Special Yarn


The traditional dyeing process of cotton fabric, bobbin and skein dyed with reactive dyes, it can not only obtain a relatively high dyeing rate and solid color rate, but also have a good dyeing effect, but the main technical problems of reactive dyes have the following four points: the utilization rate is not high, generally 60%-70%, resulting in a large number of colored sewage,Dope Dyed  Special Yarn 

Its chroma is more than thousands of times times, cod value is generally in 8,000-30,000 ppm, the cod value of concentrated waste water is more than 50,000 ppm.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn

Some color fastness can not meet the market requirements, such as the fastness of perspiration, wet rubbing fastness and azo-type red dye and azo blue dye in light when the sun fastness. Can replace sulfide and VAT dyes, such as less dark varieties. The dye is insoluble in water and should be dyed with sodium sulfide or other reducing agent, which will be reduced to soluble color body. It is the fiber with affinity to the fiber, and then the oxidation of color to restore its insoluble state and fixed on the fiber. So the sulfur dye is also a reducing dye.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn

Sulfur dyes can be used in cotton, hemp, viscose and other fiber dyeing, its manufacturing process is simpler, low-cost, can dye monochrome, can also spell color, good fastness to sunburn, poor resistance to rubbing fastness. The color spectrum lacks the red, purple, the color is darker, is suitable to dye the thick color.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn 

Accelerator is a dye dyeing process optimization agent. Has the good reduction effect, simultaneously also has the impurity-free, the infiltration effect outstanding characteristic, may successfully apply in the bulk cotton fiber, the cheese yarn, the skein dye dyeing processing. High black degree of dye, dyeing time can be compared with reactive dyes dyeing process time to save 50%; does not produce the sulfide large amount of sludge, does not clog, the pollution equipment, the cod compared to the sulfide craft to drop 50% above, has provided the outstanding efficiency and the energy saving reduction effect. It is the key technology of the disperse fiber and the bobbin yarn to realize the dark breakthrough of the dye.Dope Dyed  Special Yarn