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Dope Dyed Special Yarn The Characteristics Of The Dyeing


First, Dope Dyed  Special Yarn the dyeing characteristics of special yarn dyeing

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn In the production process of the textile, dyeing in which stage, by a number of factors. From an economic point of view, dyeing is carried out before the weaving process, and the cost is the lowest. In the pre-weaving process for dyeing special yarn dyeing, the choice of good fastness of the dye, some color flowers can be improved in the subsequent weaving process. Dyeing special yarns are generally able to achieve good fastening effect, can be weaving with the different requirements of the yarn, in order to obtain higher economic value, and shorten the delivery cycle, so the product has a high reproducibility.

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn It is generally believed that the product obtained by dyeing the yarn is more bulky and plump than the fabric dyeing product, which may be due to the fact that when the hanger hangs over the rod of the dyeing machine, it is free to relax freely Any restrictions, not only can make the yarn completely loose, but also allows the yarn to be free to twist to achieve twist balance, thereby eliminating the tension when spinning.

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn Another form of dyeing yarns is the dyeing of cheese yarns. Technically, it has been thought that only dyeing with yarn dyeing can be used to produce satisfactory products. However, this traditional view is gradually changing with the appearance of cheese dyeing The

Generally speaking, dyeing yarn is more expensive than fabric dyeing. But because it has the advantage of fast delivery, and therefore easier to adapt to changes in the flow of color, while adapt to small quantities, more varieties of needs. In addition, dyeing special yarn machinery is relatively simple, and thus more economical in the maintenance.

Second, Dope Dyed  Special Yarn the reduction of dyeing yarn

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn Reducing dyes are a major broad variety of cotton yarn dyeing for the current color fabric. After dyeing the yarn is not only bright color, and fastness is very good, most of the light fastness are more than 6, some varieties up to 8. So where you need to sort out such as scouring, bleaching, mercerizing and heat setting of the dyed fabric, can be used to restore dye dyes. There are many varieties of reduced dyes, but according to their chemical structure can be divided into indigo and anthraquinones, yarn dyeing used in the reduction of dyes, mostly anthraquinone type.