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Dope Dyed Special Yarn Dyeing Way


Dyeing special yarn dyeing method

A Dope Dyed  Special Yarn yarn dyeing

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn The staple yarn or filament in the roll on the machine into a frame together with the hank yarn, and then in various forms of dyeing machine in the dyeing method is dyeing dyeing. As the previous has been a number of twisted yarn dyeing monograph, so this book will not repeat them.

Two Dope Dyed  Special Yarn cheese dyeing

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn The spun yarn or filament is wound on a bobbin filled with holes (which requires proper winding density, uniform, generally known as "loose tube"), and then set it in a dyeing machine carrier (also known as flat, (Also known as yarn bamboo, spindle, plunger, etc.), into the cheese dyeing machine, by the role of the main pump, so that the dye in the cheese between the yarn or fiber penetration Cycle, to achieve the way the dye for the cheese dyeing.

Three Dope Dyed  Special Yarn shafts dip

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn According to the requirements of the color yarn and the amount of the yarn, the original yarn is wound on the perforated coil to form a loose warp beam (which can be regarded as a large cheese), and then placed in the dyeing Machine loader, and placed in the warp dyeing machine, by the role of the main pump, so that the dye in the warp yarn or fiber through the cycle of circulation, to achieve dip, to get uniform color yarn method is called Warp dyeing.

Four Dope Dyed  Special Yarn through the shaft pad dyeing

The main application of warping pad dyeing in the latitude and longitude of the production and processing of denim. It is a certain number of thin shaft into the various dye tank, after repeated multi-dip, multi-rolling, many times after the oxidation of indigo (or vulcanization, reduction, direct, paint) dye dyeing. Pre-drying and then sizing, you can get a uniform color of the warp yarn, can be used directly for weaving. The dyeing machine may be a plurality of (sheet) or one (ring), and the equipment used in conjunction with the sizing is called a sheet dyeing machine.

Five Dope Dyed  Special Yarn yarn bundle dyeing (ball dyeing)

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn This is also a special dyeing method for denim warp yarns. The dyeing process is to collect 400 to 500 original yarns in a spherical shape, and then knead a number of bundles (such as 12, 18, 24, 36) Repeated multi-dip in the tank, multi-rolling, many times through the oxidation, to achieve indigo dye dyeing, and then sub-by, sizing. Acrylic tow can also be yarn dressing.

Six Dope Dyed  Special Yarn yarn special dyeing method

Dope Dyed  Special Yarn As with the fabric, the yarn is also localized, such as printed section, segment dyeing, tie dyeing, printing, dyeing, gradient and so on.