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Analysis Of Physicochemical Properties Of Polyester Yarn


The name of polyester is polyethylene terephthalate two ester fiber, referred to as polyester fiber. Polyester in 1953 began industrial production, because of its good performance, wide use, so rapid development, has become the world's largest production of a chemical fiber.Polyester Yarn

Polyester with staple fiber, it is mainly used in cotton, wool viscose, hemp and other chemical fiber blends to create a variety of clothing textiles. However, in recent years, polyester filament development faster, it is mainly processed into a variety of deformed silk, such as polyester low elastic wire, polyester network wire, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, can do coats and underwear. In addition, polyester filament is used in industry to make tyre curtain line, electric insulating material, rope, etc. In order to overcome the low moisture absorption of polyester, poor dyeing, through the modification of polyester, has produced high moisture absorption polyester, pilling-resistant polyester, cationic dyeable polyester and so on.Polyester Yarn The main physical and chemical properties of polyester: The shape of polyester longitudinal surface is smooth and the cross-section is circular. Polyester acid and not alkali-resistant, because the ester in the polyester macromolecules in the alkali to occur hydrolysis, but can also use the appropriate alkali to the polyester imitation silk processing. Strong elongation and elastic polyester fiber strength, stretching large, resilient recovery performance, the strength of ordinary polyester tatsu. 2~52.8cn/tex, elongation rate of rupture reaches $number. According to the different processing, polyester has high-strength low extension, low strength and high extension and other types. Because of the high strength of polyester, elongation, good elasticity, so the wear-resistant polyester, after nylon. In addition, the initial modulus of polyester is high, so the fabric is crisp and the dimensional stability is good.Polyester Yarn

The moisture absorption and the dyed polyester structure is close, the crystallinity is high, the inside big molecule has no hydrophilic gene, so the moisture absorption ability is low, the dyeing is difficult. The moisture regain rate of polyester is only 0.4% under the general atmospheric condition. Therefore, the fabric has the advantages of easy washing and drying, and also reflects the deficiency of perspiration and poor permeability.Polyester Yarn