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Analysis Of Dyeing Process Of Polyester Yarn


As the dyeing process progresses, the concentration of the dye molecule in the dye bath decreases with the adsorption of the fiber. This prompts the dye particles to dissolve until the stain is balanced. It can be seen from the above that the small solubility of disperse dyes has a great influence on its dyeing effect. The effect of disperse dyes on polyester fiber is due to the attraction of hydrogen bonding and waals between dye and fiber.Polyester Yarn

Dyeing of polyester fiber with disperse dyes has a saturation value at a certain temperature, which is the most dye dyes at this temperature. When the dyeing reaches the saturation value, the dye concentration in the dye bath is increased, and the dye content in the fiber is not increased. The saturation value of disperse dyes is also related to the dyeing temperature. The increasing of temperature and the movement of the molecular chain segment in the amorphous area of the fiber, so the dye can increase and the dyeing saturation value increases.Polyester Yarn Polyester structure close, crystallinity and orientation are very high, dye in the fiber diffusion infiltration is very difficult, so the use of the boiling point or the boiling point of the following staining methods, the dyeing rate is very slow, the color is very light, can not get satisfactory dyeing effect. In order to improve the dyeing rate and the amount of dye, the temperature must be increased or other measures should be taken.Polyester Yarn 

The method of pet dyeing has high temperature, high pressure, hot-dissolving method and carrier method. The first two methods are to increase the temperature to make disperse dyes quickly dyed polyester, the latter method is in the dye bath to add a kind of polyester extruded additives, thus speeding up disperse dyes and increase the amount of dye. The hot-dissolving staining method has not been used in the dyeing of polyester knitted fabrics.Polyester Yarn